Fails for me on node 0.6.7 and mongodb 2.0.2 #14

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Previously (0.4.0) working test fail because db cleaner never invokes its callback. The tests fail as well, here is the output when testing only mongodb

0) should delete all collections items
✓ should not delete system.indexes collection (1041ms)

✖ 1 of 2 tests failed:

  1. mongodb should delete all collections items:
    Error: timeout of 2000ms exceeded
    at Object. (/Users/mwawrusch/Documents/npm-packages/node-database-cleaner/node_modules/mocha/lib/runnable.js:111:14)
    at Timer.ontimeout (timers.js:84:39)

emerleite was assigned Jan 23, 2012


emerleite commented Jan 23, 2012

I'll take a look today. Thanks for the report


emerleite commented Feb 3, 2012

Strange. I can't reproduce it :(

pkmishra commented Feb 4, 2012

I am also getting this issue.


emerleite commented Feb 4, 2012

You're saying mongodb server version 2.0.2, don't you? It fail when you run the tests or when you use it in your project tests?

Yes 2.0.2 for me, and both the tests and when including it in my project it does not work. Within my project it seems to never return from the callback (in code that worked perfectly fine with previous versions).


emerleite commented Feb 4, 2012

Are you using mongoose or mongodb-native-driver? Which version?

mdz commented Feb 5, 2012

this might be caused by #15


emerleite commented Feb 5, 2012

Hummm, make sense. I'll fix it. Thanks

Great spotting. Thanks mdz

emerleite closed this in 115843f Feb 7, 2012


emerleite commented Feb 7, 2012

Please update your versions to 0.7.0. It corrects Issues #13, #14 and #15. Thanks for the feedback

awesome, thx.

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