A blue-green deployment plugin for tsuru client
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tsuru-bluegreen Build Status

A blue-green deployment plugin for tsuru client


Python 2.7


tsuru plugin-install bluegreen https://raw.githubusercontent.com/emerleite/tsuru-bluegreen/1.3.1/src/bluegreen.py

Deployment methods

By default, the plugin deploys using git push. But if you define a deploy_dir key, inside the Application section of the configuration file, it uses tsuru app-deploy command instead.


Tsuru bluegreen uses convention over configuration. It assumes your application backend is named using blue and green sufixes, as explained bellow:

Create a tsuru-bluegreen.ini in your application root with the following configuration:

name: <your_app>
deploy_dir: <./build> <./build2>

api_key: <newrelic_api_key>
app_id: <newrelic_app_id>

endpoint: <logstash_endpoint>
index: <logstash_index>

endpoint: http://example.com
payload_extras: key1=value1&key2=value2

before_pre: <command to run before 'pre' action>
after_pre: <command to run after a successful 'pre' action>
before_swap: <command to run before 'swap' action>
after_swap: <command to run after a successful 'swap' action>

'Application' section

Based on the name configuration value, you must have to have two tsuru applications and git remotes named: your_app**-blue** and your_app**-green**.

The deploy_dir configuration value is used with the --app-deploy flag. The default value is ..

'NewRelic' section

Notify New Relic about your deployment after swap. See NewRelic docs.

'Grafana' section

Notify Grafana about your deployment after swap. See Grafana docs.

'WebHook' section

POST to a WebHook after deployment swap. The payload is the defined payload_extras plus tag=<tag_value>.

'Hooks' section

Hooks are optional. They are ran before or after the corresponding actions, and everything sent to stdout and stderr is ignored. If a before hook fails (return value isn't zero), the action (pre/swap) is cancelled. If you want to run the pre/swap action independently of the before hook execution, you need to make sure it always returns 0.

Hooks must run inside a shell. If you want to run a curl command, for instance, you should do it inside a shell script:

$ cat script.sh
#! /bin/sh
curl http://example.com

$ cat tsuru-bluegreen.ini
name: test

before_pre: ./script.sh

$ tsuru bluegreen pre -t some-tag

In this case, if curl command fails, the pre action will be cancelled.


$ tsuru app-list

| Application   | Units State Summary     | Address                                           | Ready? |
| sample-blue   | 4 of 4 units in-service | sample.example.com, sample-blue.cloud.example.com | Yes    |
| sample-green  | 0 of 0 units in-service | sample-green.cloud.globoi.com                     | Yes    |
$ git remote



tsuru bluegreen --help

usage: tsuru bluegreen action [options]

Tsuru blue-green deployment (pre and live).

positional arguments:
  action                pre or swap

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t [TAG], --tag [TAG] Tag to be deployed (default: master)


$ make testdeps
$ make test