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@kriskowal kriskowal authored
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25 modules/
@@ -64,6 +64,12 @@ Guarantees Made by Module Interpreters
began executing in the current system of modules.
1. The ``require.main`` property must be the same value in
every module.
+ 1. ``require`` must have a ``resolve`` function.
+ 1. ``resolve`` accepts a module identifier as its first and only
+ argument
+ 1. ``resolve`` must return the resolved module identifier
+ corresponding to the given module identifier relative to
+ this module's resolved module identifier.
1. ``require`` must have an ``async`` function.
1. ``async`` must accept an identifier or an array of
identifiers as its first argument.
@@ -129,20 +135,19 @@ Module Identifiers
1. Top-level identifiers are resolved relative to ``""``.
1. The ``require`` function in each module resolves relative
identifiers from the corresponding ````.
-1. To resolve a module identifier,
- 1. an array of terms must be initialized to an empty array.
- 1. For each ordered term in some ordered module identifiers, from
- left to right,
- 1. no action is taken for ``"."`` terms,
- 1. a term is popped off the end of the array for ``".."``
- terms, and
- 1. the term is pushed on the end of the array for all other
- terms.
+1. To resolve any path of module identifiers,
+ 1. An array of terms must be initialized to an empty array.
+ 1. For each module identifier in the path of identifiers,
+ 1. Pop off the last term in the array, provided one exists.
+ 1. For each term in a module identifier in order,
+ 1. Take no action if the term is ``"."``.
+ 1. Pop a term off the end of the array if the term is
+ ``".."``.
+ 1. Push the term on the end of the array otherwise.
1. The array of terms must be joined with forward slashes, ``"/"``
to construct the resulting "resolved" identifier.
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