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@@ -64,6 +64,25 @@ Guarantees Made by Module Interpreters
began executing in the current system of modules.
1. The ``require.main`` property must be the same value in
every module.
+ 1. ``require`` must have an ``async`` function.
+ 1. ``async`` must accept an identifier or an array of
+ identifiers as its first argument.
+ 1. A single identifier is equivalent to an array with a
+ single identifier.
+ 1. ``async`` accepts an optional ``callback`` function as its
+ second argument.
+ 1. ``async`` accepts an optional ``errback`` function as its
+ third argument.
+ 1. ``async`` must call ``require`` for each module identifier
+ in order
+ 1. ``async`` may wait for each module's transitively required
+ modules to asynchronously load before calling ``require``.
+ 1. If any ``require`` call throws an exception, or if any
+ module cannot be loaded before it is required, ``errback``
+ must be called with the ``Error`` as its argument.
+ 1. If every ``require`` call returns, ``async`` must call
+ ``callback`` with the respective exports for each module
+ identifier as its arguments.
1. an ``exports`` object must exist in a function's lexical scope.
1. the ``exports`` object must initially be the same value as

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