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Gandi dynamic dns updater
Python Shell
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The development of this tool or myself are in no way involved with


  • Python (>= 2.7)
  • Python xmlrpclib

Gandi details

API Key (Apply here:


gandi-dyndns --api=APIKEY --domain=DOMAIN --record=RECORD

Currently very lazy but working mode. Note that there is a gandi bug, as where the program updates the zone and activates it, gandi does not show this through their webinterface. I'll be contacting them to fix this.


All communication outside the local network is done over https.

If you have a Livebox, you can specify --provider orange to retrieve your public IP from your box (faster, better than online services). Also supported: orange_v2 and orange_v3 (if using orange the updater will try to guess if it's v2 or v3).

You can turn the local cache on by appending --cache. This reduces api calls to gandi rpc because your domain data is not retrieved each time.

To get a list of all options:

gandi-dyndns --help


Update DNS every 5 min:

*/5 * * * *
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