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@emersion emersion released this Jul 19, 2019 · 21 commits to master since this release

mako v1.4

This release polishes icon support introduced in v1.3 and adds a few other
cool features. Highlights:

* Icon support is now complete
* Touchscreens are now supported
* makoctl can now list current notifications
* makoctl can now list and invoke notification actions
* A D-Bus service file has been added
* Various bug fixes

Thanks to all contributors!

AN3223 (1):
      Fixed typo, critiera -> criteria

Bill Doyle (1):
      Allow listing and invoking actions with makoctl (#158)

Daniel Eklöf (1):
      makoctl: unbreak 'dismiss' and 'invoke' called without argument

Joe Lanford (1):
      Add icon_data hint support

Meiyo Peng (1):
      Add a D-Bus service file for mako

Michael Aquilina (1):
      Fix typo in man s/backslack/backslash

Sauyon Lee (2):
      Properly URL decode file:// URIs
      notification.c: use correct format arguments

Simon Ser (4):
      meson: bump version to v1.3
      readme: add gdk-pixbuf dependency
      Add ListNotifications to D-Bus API
      readme: add IRC channel

Stephen Brown II (1):
      Add exact-string matching to criteria

bschacht (1):
      fix typo

qvm1Wak (1):
      Error for when users run Mako and it's already running. (#160)

sheenobu (1):
      Initial touch support

vilhalmer (1):
      Add hint about removing quotes in the config file

xdavidwu (2):
      Add image-data hint support
      Fix memory leak if there are multiple icon data
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