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@emersion emersion released this Jan 12, 2020 · 7 commits to master since this release

mako v1.4.1

This release contains a few new features and bug fixes. New features

* `makoctl menu` to choose a notification action
* A CLI flag to use a custom config file path
* Improved touch support (multiple touches)

Thanks to all contributors!

Ashkan Kiani (1):
      Add variant for int32_t and fallback error message

Bill Doyle (1):
      Support image-path and more deprecated hints

Dasith Gunawardhana (1):
      Add --config option

Martin Michlmayr (2):
      Allow access to icons in AppArmor profile
      Fix typo in man page

Ryan Adolf (2):
      Add support for tracking multiple touches
      wayland.c style: break if statements into blocks

Simon Ser (4):
      readme: link to the spec
      readme: add jq to list of deps
      Split out configuration docs
      Bump to v1.4.1

rpigott (1):
      Include list command in makoctl zsh completions

xPMo (2):
      makoctl: fix test command in "invoke"
      Support choosing a notification action with 'makoctl menu' (#195)
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