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Releases: emersion/slurp


14 Dec 10:56
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slurp v1.5.0

Alexander Orzechowski (2):
      extract cursor state initialization
      Implement wp_cursor_shape_v1

Migo Ceredon (1):
      Update (#145)

Razzi Abuissa (1):
      Update required version of wayland-protocols to >1.32

Simon Ser (4):
      readme: add link for IRC channel
      Fix indentation
      readme: update grim link to new forge
      Bump version to 1.5.0

Xnuk Shuman (1):
      build: move to `meson setup build` command

iFlygo (1):
      Fix crosshair cursor is not scaled


05 Dec 12:02
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slurp v1.4.0

Alexander Orzechowski (1):
      Fix busying the buffer

Benedikt (1):
      Add option to enforce a specific aspect ratio of the selection (#77)

Oğuz Ersen (1):
      man: fix wrong section headers

Pedro Lucas Porcellis (1):
      render: Allow the user to specify which font family to use

Ragnar Groot Koerkamp (2):
      Mark moved-away from outputs as dirty (#89)
      has_selection is true only after moving the mouse (#88)

Román Jiménez (1):
      Render dimensions with same color as border

Simon Ser (9):
      readme: IRC channel has moved to Libera Chat
      build: fix indentation
      build: drop unnecessary files() call
      build: pass string directly to include_directories kwarg
      build: stop using sh for scdoc generation
      build: use wayland-scanner pkg-config file
      build: simplify protocol paths
      build: drop intermediate protocols static library
      build: bump version to 1.4.0

Thayne McCombs (1):
      Use cairo_scale instead of multiplying by the scale everywhere

columbarius (1):
      Print output local coordinates


17 Apr 17:39
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slurp v1.3.2

Bradley Walters (2):
      Fix incorrect anchor when output has negative position
      Fix loss of selection when pointer moves between outputs

Simon Ser (2):
      Bump version to 1.3.1
      build: bump version to 1.3.2


05 Nov 11:21
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slurp v1.3.1

David96 (1):
      Fix off-by-one error in in_box function

Matthias Groß (2):
      Print output into buffer, print result late
      Safe printf usage

Simon Ser (2):
      readme: simplify "select output" example
      readme: clarify that -f "%o" prints the output name


16 Oct 15:03
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slurp v1.3.0

This release adds the following new features:

- Touch input is now supported
- The current selection can now be moved by holding the Space key
- Choice boxes specified on stdin can now be labelled
- A new format option prints the name of the output
- The new -o option allows to add all outputs as choice boxes
- The new -r option forces the user to select one of the choice boxes

Alexander Metz (1):
      Include corner positions in selection

Nils (2):
      Use sh code blocks
      Add libxkbcommon to the dependency list

Nils André-Chang (1):
      Take into account keymap

Paul Ouellette (1):
      Make window selection example support floating windowns

Ronan Pigott (2):
      rearrange functions in main
      update selection on pointer enter

Seppe Soete (1):
      allow a custom formatting to not have a newline in the end

Simon Ser (5):
      Bump to v1.2.0
      readme: add IRC channel
      man: add keybindings
      Ensure input regions are newline-separated
      Bump to v1.3.0

Some Chinese Guy (1):
      Separated touch and pointer selections

Thayne McCombs (7):
      Adds input region labels.
      Add a format option to print the output of the top-left corner
      Add option to add outputs as choice boxes
      Don't render selection if has_selection is false.
      Always render choice boxes
      Add option to force user to select a choice box.
      Remove test for seat->wl_pointer in render.c

Vesim (1):
      Fix handling of negative coordinates

Xnuk Shuman (1):
      code style: Correct bracket position

gg-rewrite (1):
      Add touch support

ldrouillas (1):
      Move selection on `space` keypress


03 Jun 18:27
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slurp v1.2.0

This release adds two new features:

- It's now possible to provide a list of predefined regions to choose from
- A single-pixel selection mode has been added

Check out the README for some examples:

You can now select outputs and windows for instance.

Simon Ser (7):
      Remove extraneous wl_display_dispatch
      Style nits
      Add -p to select a single pixel
      Support XCURSOR_* env variables
      Address review comments
      Document stdin predefined regions
      readme: add examples

Yorick van Pelt (1):
      Accept list of predefined regions on stdin for quick selection

emersion (1):
      Fix small xdg_output_manager memory leak


23 Feb 18:49
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Jan Beich (1):
      Add man-pages option like swaywm/sway@ba16f16e4d5a

Ridan Vandenbergh (2):
      Display alpha in usage
      Add user-defined output formatting (#33)

Yorick (2):
      Abort on escape (#25)
      Support selection across multiple outputs (#27)

emersion (1):
      Bump to v1.1.0


12 Feb 20:27
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Michael Vetter (1):
      Mention scdoc as optional dependency

Neil Perry (1):
      Remove erronous endif

Yorick van Pelt (1):
      fix frame callback running after output free

emersion (2):
      Use linux/input-event-codes.h on FreeBSD
      Bump to v1.0.1


22 Nov 07:51
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First stable release.