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Commits on Oct 15, 2011
  1. @toddparker

    Added styling support for input type=color

    toddparker authored
    Just for good measure. All HTML5 inputs are now auto enhanced into the
    styled versions. We may need to decide if any of these need to be
    degraded if the controls are wonky in some browsers.
  2. @toddparker

    Added new HTML5 date and time input support. Fixes #2144

    toddparker authored
    Types added: input type time, date, month, week, date time,
    datetime-local to auto for enhancements.
Commits on Oct 14, 2011
  1. @jblas
  2. @jblas

    Fixes #2659 - buttons don't inherit page-theme

    jblas authored
    - Insert the fake button container before calling buttonMarkup(). This allows the buttonMarkup() code to accurately calculate theme inheritance.
  3. @johnbender

    Merge pull request #2701 from eddiemonge/compilers

    johnbender authored
    Update Compilers
  4. @johnbender
  5. @johnbender
  6. @toddparker
  7. @toddparker
  8. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #2712 from Wilto/disabled-sliders-selects

    toddparker authored
    Turns off cursor events on disabled custom form inputs.
  9. @Wilto
  10. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #2711 from Wilto/disabled-sliders-selects

    toddparker authored
    Fixes #2541 — Properly applies “disabled” styling and logic to custom form inputs. Thanks Wilto!
  11. @Wilto

    Fixes #2541 — Properly applies “disabled” styling and logic to flip s…

    Wilto authored
    …witches, sliders, and custom selects based on disabled attribute in underlying input markup.
  12. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #2710 from Wilto/a11y-hidden-labels

    toddparker authored
    Add .ui-hidden-accessible for hiding elements in an accessible way. Thanks Wilto!
  13. @Wilto

    Add .ui-hidden-accessible for hiding elements in an accessible way; a…

    Wilto authored
    …dd .ui-hide-label to similarly hide labels/adjust layout within field containers.
  14. @toddparker
  15. @toddparker
  16. @toddparker
  17. @jblas

    Fixed #2699 - Dialog reverse transition

    jblas authored
    - Moved the settings.transition calculation code before the code that pushes a new history item on the stack. This ensures that the proper transition is stored with the history item.
  18. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #2708 from Wilto/form-elements-fullwidth

    toddparker authored
    Form elements now 100% of parent width, outside of field containers. Thanks Wilto!
  19. @Wilto

    Form elements now span entire container width and behave as display: …

    Wilto authored
    …block, outside of field containers.
  20. @toddparker

    Added design suggestions for header footers

    toddparker authored
    Added a section at the bottom of headers explain gin how to roll your
    own headers and bars with some CSS classes and custom rules. Linked to
    grids from footer page.
  21. @toddparker

    Added some notes to the toolbar theming page

    toddparker authored
    Linked to grid layouts in footer content, highlighted code examples.
  22. @toddparker

    Updated fixed toolbar docs

    toddparker authored
    Re-wrote the whole page, added note about
    $.fixedToolbars.setTouchToggleEnabled(false) option, known limitations,
    touchOverflowEnabled features.
  23. @toddparker

    Refined styles so titles in footer aren't truncated as aggressively

    toddparker authored
    Titles in headers and footers had the same padding value in the CSS,
    but we don't support the same markup conventions for left/right button
    slot in the footer so this was truncating too early. Fixes #2706
  24. @jblas
  25. @jblas

    Fixed #2348 - lists-search-with-dividers breaks fixed footer

    jblas authored
    - Fixed header/footer code now listens for a custom event "contentmodified" on the document to figure out if it should be repositioned or not. Modified collapsible and listview to fire off contentmodified whenever they modify content. Developers can also fire off this event to trigger position updates for fixed headers/footers, so this could be used to address issue #2042 and the mention of collapsible in #2596.
  26. @johnbender
Commits on Oct 13, 2011
  1. @eddiemonge

    Update compiler/compressors

    eddiemonge authored
  2. @eddiemonge

    Update compiler/compressors

    eddiemonge authored
  3. @eddiemonge

    Update compiler/compressors

    eddiemonge authored
  4. @redaemn

    refactored degradeInputs tests

    redaemn authored
  5. @redaemn
  6. @johnbender
  7. @johnbender

    create separate structure and structure.min css

    johnbender authored
    This addition is in response to the creation of the theme roller. It doesn't make much sense to include a theme from the framework if the user is adding his/her own from the theme roller or otherwise.
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