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DieHard release notes
version 1.2:
* Added 64-bit support.
version 1.1:
* Dramatically reduced memory consumption.
* Fixed logic (for Windows) that protects against double free errors.
* Fixed the MWC random number generator, enhancing randomness.
* More robust whitelist processing for DieHard system, for
Windows protection.
release 1.0.2:
* Fixed a race condition in Windows injection logic.
* Added support for posix_memalign.
* free now ignores invalid offsets, and frees the object anyway.
This allows DieHard to cleanly support memalign.
release 1.0.1:
* Fixed a bug in some string functions (for Windows).
* Fixed a minor bug in random heap selection.
* Added notification messages for when DieHard detects
and prevents certain errors.
release 1.0:
* Introduced adaptive version, which grows only as needed.
* Added HeapShield (blocks heap-based overflows).
release 0.3 (December 28, 2005):
* Added "red zones" around heap metadata to prevent
corruption by buffer overflows.
* Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
* Changed behavior of DieHard to initialize unallocated
memory to zeros (standalone version only).
release 0.2 (December 2, 2005):
* Added atomic updates of bitmap for scalability on
multiprocessor/multicore platforms.
* Ported to Solaris Sun Workshop compilers.
release 0.1 (November 23, 2005):
* Initial release.