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Removed Solaris targets.

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emeryberger committed Jan 30, 2020
1 parent 214ceb9 commit f2966491c85623a1fce25c8e7bccc814c452cb75
Showing with 2 additions and 26 deletions.
  1. +2 −26 src/Makefile
@@ -9,10 +9,6 @@ all:
@echo linux-gcc-x86
@echo linux-gcc-x86-64
@echo macos
@echo solaris-sunw-sparc
@echo solaris-sunw-x86
@echo solaris-sunw-x86-64
@echo solaris-gcc-sparc
@echo generic-gcc
@echo windows
@echo -----------------------------------------------------------------
@@ -23,7 +19,7 @@ all:

.PHONY: macos freebsd linux-gcc-x86 linux-gcc-x86-debug solaris-sunw-sparc solaris-sunw-x86 solaris-gcc-sparc generic-gcc linux-gcc-x86-64 windows clean
.PHONY: macos freebsd linux-gcc-x86 linux-gcc-x86-debug generic-gcc linux-gcc-x86-64 windows clean

DIEHARD_TARGET := libdiehard
DIEHARDER_TARGET := libdieharder
@@ -54,7 +50,7 @@ Heap-Layers:

REPLICATED_SRC = replicated/replicated.cpp

# MACOS_COMPILER = llvm-g++

@@ -79,14 +75,6 @@ LINUX_64_COMMAND_STANDALONE := clang++ $(FLAGS) -std=c++14 -W -Wall -O3 -DNDEBUG

LINUX_64_COMMAND_REPLICATED := $(CXX) -std=c++14 -O1 -DNDEBUG -pipe -fPIC -m64 -g $(INCLUDE) -D_REENTRANT=1 $(REPLICATED_SRC) -DDIEHARD_MULTITHREADED=1 -shared $(UNIX_SRC) -Bsymbolic -o -ldl -lpthread

SOLARIS_SPARC32_COMMAND_STANDALONE := CC -xtarget=ultra2 -xildoff -xO5 -xthreadvar=dynamic -L/usr/lib/lwp -R/usr/lib/lwp -DNDEBUG $(INCLUDE) -DDIEHARD_MULTITHREADED=1 -G -PIC $(UNIX_SRC) -o $(TARGET).so -lthread -ldl -lCrun

SOLARIS_SPARC32_COMMAND_REPLICATED := CC -xtarget=ultra2 -dalign -xbuiltin=%all -xO5 -xildoff -xthreadvar=dynamic -L/usr/lib/lwp -R/usr/lib/lwp -DNDEBUG $(INCLUDE) $(REPLICATED_SRC) -DDIEHARD_MULTITHREADED=1 -G -PIC $(UNIX_SRC) -o -lthread -ldl -lCrun

SOLARIS_SPARC64_COMMAND_STANDALONE := CC -xcode=pic13 -xtarget=ultra2 -m64 -dalign -xbuiltin=%all -xO5 -xildoff -xthreadvar=dynamic -L/usr/lib/lwp -R/usr/lib/lwp -DNDEBUG $(INCLUDE) -DDIEHARD_MULTITHREADED=1 -G -PIC $(UNIX_SRC) -o $(TARGET).so -lthread -ldl -lCrun

SOLARIS_SPARC64_COMMAND_REPLICATED := CC -xcode=pic13 -xtarget=ultra2 -m64 -dalign -xbuiltin=%all -xO5 -xildoff -xthreadvar=dynamic -L/usr/lib/lwp -R/usr/lib/lwp -DNDEBUG $(INCLUDE) $(REPLICATED_SRC) -DDIEHARD_MULTITHREADED=1 -G -PIC $(UNIX_SRC) -o -lthread -ldl -lCrun

linux-gcc-x86: $(DEPS)
@@ -103,18 +91,6 @@ linux-gcc-x86-64-debug: $(DEPS)
linux-gcc-x86-64-replicated: $(DEPS)

solaris-sparc: $(DEPS)

solaris-sparc-replicated: $(DEPS)

solaris-sparc-64: $(DEPS)

solaris-sparc-64-replicated: $(DEPS)

windows: $(DEPS)

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