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emesene on OS X Information

Building emesene

For details on how to build emesene for yourself, see here.

Known Issues

  • No native icon
  • Adium message themes do not work
  • Console is flooded with empty clip messages (Lion and Mountain Lion)
  • Some window resizing issues (Lion and Mountain Lion)


emesene can only run on 64bit systems. Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion are offically supported. Please note there are still minor quirks with PyGTK on Lion and Mountain Lion. You may have to change your GateKeeper setting on Mountain Lion to allow emesene to launch. Leopard and Tiger are not supported.


Before posting an issue on emesene tracker please do the following:

  • Note down your OS X version, architecture and processor type (Can be found under System Profiler)
  • Note down your emesene version (Highlight the application and select “Get Info”)
  • Copy the error log at ~/Library/Logs/emesene.log
  • Check console for any entries from org.emesene.emesene

Older Versions

To find older versions of emesene OS X, see here.