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i18n #8

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It should be possible to use djiki for multi-language content. Two things have to be taken under consideration:

  • storage: Different language versions can be stored either in the same database (and the same table), appearing under the same site address. On the contrary, they might be spread among separate, independent servers.
  • connection: There must be some way to define interwiki links and resolve them into proper URLs, depending on the storage solution.

The roadmap:
1. Add language field to the Page model and make (title, language) unique instead of title itself.
2. Add DJIKI_LANGUAGE setting with fallback to automatically recognize the language used on site, within the current request context.
3. Add interwiki syntax to the Creole markup and implement a set of basic URL resolvers (perhaps a part of the parser itself).
4. Think how to handle the images

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