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Djiki is a light and portable Wiki engine based on Django.

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Djiki is a lightweight, portable Wiki engine based on Django.


  • Creole markup,
  • anonymous and registered edits,
  • automatic merges of parallel edits when possible,
  • inclusion of images,
  • diff views between revisions,
  • reverts to any revision in the history,
  • automatic undos of any historical revision, if possible.



  • Add 'djiki' and 'sorl.thumbnail' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  • Run './ syncdb' in your project.

  • Add the following to your URLconf:

    (r'wiki/', include('djiki.urls')),
  • Add the required setting DJIKI_IMAGES_PATH

  • Create a 'base.html' that Djiki expects to exist and acts as a base template for all the wiki pages. It must have a 'page' block. Alternatively, supply your own 'djiki/base.html' that overrides the supplied template.

  • Optionally include/add the provided CSS in media/css/styles.css to your page template.


The following settings configure Djiki's behavior:

DJIKI_IMAGES_PATH — path to images, relative to MEDIA_ROOT.

DJIKI_ALLOW_ANONYMOUS_EDITS — whether unauthorized users are able to edit pages. Defaults to True.

DJIKI_SPACES_AS_UNDERSCORES — makes Djiki replace whitespaces in URLs by underscores. It's a choice between having nice or exact URLs. Depending on the settings, the adresses may look as or This setting will also squash multiple spaces into one. It affects image names in the same way, too. Defaults to True.


The standard Creole markup has been extended to handle resizing of images. The standard syntax of {{Image_name.jpg|Image title}} is still valid, however you may add size by typing {{Image_name.jpg|300x200|Image title}} or even omit the title: {{Image_name.jpg|300x200}}.


  • ACLs: block anonymous edits, limit access to groups
  • more markup backends; MediaWiki is the main priority
  • page operations: rename, delete
  • translations
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