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An extention of the nebula plugin to create a semi-automated changelog
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This is a simple gradle plugin creating a semiautomatic changelog on top of the Nebula release plugin


This plugin helps (and forces) you to maintain a changelog file.

  • In contrast to other changelog plugins, the changelog is not filled with git commit comments, but has to be maintained by a human.
  • If you build a release (using the great Nebula release plugin), a new entry at the with the current release number.
  • If you forgot to update your, the release build fails. (You can override this behavior by using the forceChangelog flag in the extension)

Using the plugin

The usage is the same as of the the Nebula release pugin.


A file named has to be in the root project directory and contain this line:


This line will be later replaced during the gradle release run by the actual release number and date.

The file can also be created with the initChangelog task. This task will fail if the file aready exists.

Typical workflow

  • maintain your
* Feature B added
* Bug B fixed

## 1.14.0  /  2016-02-16
* Feature A added
* Bug A fixed

... and many more release notes
  • do a release: gradle final (default is 'minor release' , see the Nebula release plugin ) now multiple actions are triggered:
  • the nebula release plugin determines that the new version number is 1.15.0 (based on the last version tag in git, which is v1.14.0 in our case)
  • the changelog release plugin updates the changelog file and does a git commit (let's assume we have Feb 16 2016 today)
## 1.15.0  / 2016-02-16
* Feature B added
* Bug B fixed

## 1.14.0  /  2016-02-16
* Feature A added
* Bug A fixed

... and many more release notes
  • the nebula release plugin tags the new git commit with the 'v1.15.0' release tag
  • the changelog release plugin adds a placeholder for the next changelog entries and does a git commit / push
... add new changes here!

## 1.15.0  / 2016-02-16
* Feature B added
* Bug B fixed

## 1.14.0  /  2016-02-16
* Feature A added
* Bug A fixed

... many more release notes


Using the plugin in your build.gradle

Build script snippet for use in all Gradle versions:

buildscript {

    repositories {
        maven {
          url ''
        // add your repos here

    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.emetriq.gradle:changelog-release-plugin:1.0.1'

apply plugin: 'emetriq.changelog-release'

Build script snippet for new, incubating, plugin mechanism introduced in Gradle 2.1:

plugins {
    id "emetriq.changelog-release" version "1.0.1"

The changelog-release-plugin already contains the dependency to the nebula release plugin, so you are done here with the plugin configuration.

Extension provided

You can alter the plugin's behavior using the changelog extension:

changelog {

    /** The file containing the changelog (relative to project root) */
    String changelogFile = './'

    /** The headline for the changes after the last release */
    String replaceToken = '## [NEXT RELEASE]'

    /** when true, the build fails when no changelog placeholder (i.e. replaceToken) exists in the changelog file */
    Boolean forceChangelog = true

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