EMEWS Queues - R implementation
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EMEWS Queues - R implementation

EQ-R is a Swift/T (http://swift-lang.org/Swift-T/) extension that allows Swift/T workflows to communicate with a persistent embedded R interpreter on a worker process via blocking queues. Using the mechanism an R model exploration (ME) algorithm can be used to control and define an ensemble of model runs.

File index

BlockingQueue.h A queue for inter-thread communication.

EQR.h EQR.cpp The main functionality to enable EQ-R- thread and queue control interfaces for access from Tcl and Swift.

EQR.i The SWIG interface file for EQ-R.

settings.template.sh Contains example compilier settings for compling EQ-R.

settings.mk.in Filters into settings.mk at configure time. This can be include by other Makefiles to obtain build settings, for example, to compile task code that will be called from Swift.




cp settings.template.sh settings.sh and edit

source settings.sh

./configure ...

make install


Run ./bootstrap. This runs autoconf and generates ./configure.

Then, you need to set CPPFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, and LDFLAGS. The recommended way to do this is to make a personal copy of settings.template.sh, edit it to contain your settings, and source it.

Then, run ./configure. You can use ./configure --help. Key settings are:

Then do make install.

You can do make clean or make distclean.


./configure halts with "checking whether the C++ compiler works... no"

To inspect what went went wrong, you will have to look in the generated config.log . Check that your compiler settings in settings.sh are correct, the library locations in particular.