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(defproject cljsbuild-example-advanced "0.1.2"
:description "An advanced example of how to use lein-cljsbuild"
:source-path "src-clj"
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.3.0"]
[compojure "1.0.1"]
[hiccup "0.3.8"]
; NOTE: This log4j dependency is not actually used by the project;
; it's just here to make sure that lein-cljsbuild handles complex
; dependencies correctly.
[log4j "1.2.15" :exclusions [javax.mail/mail
:dev-dependencies [[lein-ring "0.5.4"]]
:plugins [[lein-cljsbuild "0.1.2"]]
; Enable the lein hooks for: clean, compile, test, and jar.
:hooks [leiningen.cljsbuild]
:cljsbuild {
; Configure the REPL support; see the file for more details.
:repl-listen-port 9000
; Launch command for connecting the page of choice to the REPL.
; Only works if the page at URL automatically connects to the REPL,
; like http://localhost:3000/repl-demo does.
; $ lein trampoline cljsbuild repl-launch firefox <URL>
{"firefox" ["firefox"
:stdout ".repl-firefox-out"
:stderr ".repl-firefox-err"]
; Launch command for interacting with your ClojureScript at a REPL,
; without browsing to the app (a static HTML file is used).
; $ lein trampoline cljsbuild repl-launch firefox-naked
"firefox-naked" ["firefox"
:stdout ".repl-firefox-naked-out"
:stderr ".repl-firefox-naked-err"]
; This is similar to "firefox" except it uses PhantomJS.
; $ lein trampoline cljsbuild repl-launch phantom <URL>
"phantom" ["phantomjs"
:stdout ".repl-phantom-out"
:stderr ".repl-phantom-err"]
; This is similar to "firefox-naked" except it uses PhantomJS.
; $ lein trampoline cljsbuild repl-launch phantom-naked
"phantom-naked" ["phantomjs"
:stdout ".repl-phantom-naked-out"
:stderr ".repl-phantom-naked-err"]}
; Test command for running the unit tests in "test-cljs" (see below).
; $ lein cljsbuild test
{"unit" ["phantomjs"
:crossovers [example.crossover]
:crossover-jar true
:builds [
; This build has the lowest level of optimizations, so it is
; useful when debugging the app.
{:source-path "src-cljs"
:jar true
:compiler {:output-to "resources/public/js/main-debug.js"
:optimizations :whitespace
:pretty-print true}}
; This build has the highest level of optimizations, so it is
; efficient when running the app in production.
{:source-path "src-cljs"
:compiler {:output-to "resources/public/js/main.js"
:optimizations :advanced
:pretty-print false}}
; This build is for the ClojureScript unit tests that will
; be run via PhantomJS. See the phantom/unit-test.js file
; for details on how it's run.
{:source-path "test-cljs"
:compiler {:output-to "resources/private/js/unit-test.js"
:optimizations :whitespace
:pretty-print true}}]}
:ring {:handler example.routes/app})
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