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Migrating from 0.0.x to 0.1.x

The 0.1.x release of lein-cljsbuild adds several new features that necessitate some changes to the format of the :cljsbuild configuration entry.

With that said, 0.1.x is backwards-compatible with your existing configuration. However, it will be complaining loudly about how it's deprecated. This document explains how to fix that.

The next major release will drop backwards compatibilty with 0.0.x, so get your project updated soon!

The Easy Way

Before doing anything else, lein cljsbuild clean. This will remove old temporary files that may be renamed in the new version. Most importantly, it will remove any crossover files that have been copied into place. This is very important. If you are using crossovers, skipping this step will cause pain!

Once you've updated your project to use [lein-cljsbuild "0.1.x"], run any subcommand, for instance, lein cljsbuild once. The plugin will complain that your configuration is deprecated. However, it should automatically convert your :cljsbuild entry to the new format, and print it out.

You should be able to just replace your existing :cljsbuild entry with this one and be all set.

The Hard Way

In case you want to know specifically what has changed:

  • Several plugin-global options have been added. Thus, what used to be the top-level config has been moved into the :builds entry.

  • The :builds entry is not allowed to be either a map or a vector, like the :cljsbuild entry used to be. It is always a vector of maps.

  • The :output-dir entry for each of the :compiler entries must now be unique. Previously, they could be set to the same directory, which caused a nasty race condition (and failed compiles).

  • :crossovers are no longer specified per-build -- they are global to the whole project. Instead of being copied into a :source-path, they're all copied into a single :crossover-path.

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