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(ns cljsbuild.compiler
[clj-stacktrace.repl :only [pst+]]
[cljs.closure :only [build]])
[cljsbuild.util :as util]
[cljs.analyzer :as analyzer]
[clojure.string :as string]
[fs.core :as fs]))
(def reset-color "\u001b[0m")
(def foreground-red "\u001b[31m")
(def foreground-green "\u001b[32m")
(defn- colorizer [c]
(fn [& args]
(str c (apply str args) reset-color)))
(def red (colorizer foreground-red))
(def green (colorizer foreground-green))
(defn- elapsed [started-at]
(let [elapsed-us (- (. System (nanoTime)) started-at)]
(with-precision 2
(str (/ (double elapsed-us) 1000000000) " seconds"))))
(defn- notify-cljs [command message colorizer]
(when (seq (:shell command))
(util/sh (update-in command [:shell] (fn [old] (concat old [message]))))
(catch Throwable e
(println (red "Error running :notify-command:"))
(pst+ e))))
(println (colorizer message)))
(defn- compile-cljs [cljs-path compiler-options notify-command incremental? assert?]
(let [output-file (:output-to compiler-options)
output-file-dir (fs/parent output-file)]
(println (str "Compiling \"" output-file "\" from \"" cljs-path "\"..."))
(when (not incremental?)
(fs/delete-dir (:output-dir compiler-options)))
(when output-file-dir
(fs/mkdirs output-file-dir))
(let [started-at (System/nanoTime)]
(binding [*assert* assert?]
(build cljs-path compiler-options))
(str "Successfully compiled \"" output-file "\" in " (elapsed started-at) ".") green)
(catch Throwable e
(str "Compiling \"" output-file "\" failed.") red)
(pst+ e))))))
(defn- get-mtimes [paths]
(into {}
(map (fn [path] [path (fs/mod-time path)]) paths)))
(defn- list-modified [output-mtime dependency-mtimes]
(reduce (fn [modified [path mtime]]
(if (< output-mtime mtime)
(conj modified path)
(defn- drop-extension [path]
(let [i (.lastIndexOf path ".")]
(if (pos? i)
(subs path 0 i)
(defn- relativize [parent path]
(let [path (fs/absolute-path path)
parent (fs/absolute-path parent)]
(if (.startsWith path parent)
(subs path (count parent))
(defn reload-clojure [paths compiler-options notify-command]
; Incremental builds will use cached JS output unless one of the cljs input files
; has been modified. Since reloading a clj file *might* affect the build, but does
; not affect any cljs file mtimes, we have to clear the cache here to force everything
; to be rebuilt.
(fs/delete-dir (:output-dir compiler-options))
(doseq [path paths]
(load (drop-extension path))
(catch Throwable e
(str "Reloading Clojure file \"" path "\" failed.") red)
(pst+ e)))))
(defn run-compiler [cljs-path crossover-path crossover-macro-paths
compiler-options notify-command incremental?
assert? last-dependency-mtimes]
(let [output-file (:output-to compiler-options)
output-mtime (if (fs/exists? output-file) (fs/mod-time output-file) 0)
macro-files (map :absolute crossover-macro-paths)
macro-classpath-files (into {} (map vector macro-files (map :classpath crossover-macro-paths)))
clj-files (util/find-files cljs-path #{"clj"})
cljs-files (mapcat #(util/find-files % #{"cljs"}) [cljs-path crossover-path])
macro-mtimes (get-mtimes macro-files)
clj-mtimes (get-mtimes clj-files)
cljs-mtimes (get-mtimes cljs-files)
dependency-mtimes (merge macro-mtimes clj-mtimes cljs-mtimes)]
(when (not= last-dependency-mtimes dependency-mtimes)
(let [macro-modified (list-modified output-mtime macro-mtimes)
clj-modified (list-modified output-mtime clj-mtimes)
cljs-modified (list-modified output-mtime cljs-mtimes)]
(when (seq macro-modified)
(reload-clojure (map macro-classpath-files macro-modified) compiler-options notify-command))
(when (seq clj-modified)
(reload-clojure (map (partial relativize cljs-path) clj-files) compiler-options notify-command))
(when (or (seq macro-modified) (seq clj-modified) (seq cljs-modified))
(compile-cljs cljs-path compiler-options notify-command incremental? assert?))))
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