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# Release Notes for lein-cljsbuild
+## [1.0.0-alpha2](
+* ClojureScript `0.0-2014` is now the default release added to projects that do
+ not specify a ClojureScript dependency explicitly. Further, this version of
+ ClojureScript is now a **minimum requirement**; if upgrading to `0.0-2014` is
+ not possible for some reason, you must stick with prior revisions of
+ lein-cljsbuild. (gh-253, gh-264)
+* lein-cljsbuild will now halt your build if you are declaring a ClojureScript
+ dependency that is known to be incompatible with the version of lein-cljsbuild
+ you are using. (gh-266)
+* All tasks are now run with a max Java heap of 256MB. (gh-261)
## [1.0.0-alpha1](
* The name of each `:test-command` entry is now printed prior to that test being

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