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Merge pull request #296 from hura/patch-2

:source-map options, :target :nodejs option docs
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2 parents 2bd8f6e + 2e1d657 commit 55d357ffaa61a392221aced7784c8488ebb08a7c @cemerick cemerick committed
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5 sample.project.clj
@@ -108,6 +108,11 @@
; can be used to determine the original source of the compiled code.
; Defaults to false.
:print-input-delimiter false
+ ; If targeting nodejs add this line. Takes no other options at the moment.
+ :target :nodejs
+ ; See
+ ;
+ :source-map "resources/public/js/"
; Sets the output directory for temporary files used during
; compilation. Must be unique among all :builds. Defaults to
; "target/cljsbuild-compiler-X" (where X is a unique integer).

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