Clearly label the example projects as using Lein 1.x #107

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emezeske commented Jul 15, 2012

The example project.clj files are built to work against Leiningen 1.x, and have to be modified for 2.x. I'm going to keep it this way until Lein 2.x is released for real. This should be made more obvious.

patbrown commented Aug 9, 2012

There ain't much to getting lein preview to work with the example projects.

Everytime you see
:source-path "src-clj"
You replace it with
:source-paths ["src-cljs" "src-clj"]

I just want to thank you for adding phantom to the demo apps. I was going bonkers trying to get that sucker working. Your advanced example has become my boilerplate. Threw in a little
lein cljsbuild auto
And now I experience true repl nirvana. I really appreciate your documentation. Let me know if you want a pull request for a lein 2 example project.

rojepp commented Aug 21, 2012

Any idea how to fix the following with Lein2? Using 2.0.0-Preview8.

D:\Dev\cljstest\cloj>lein cljsbuild once
Compiling ClojureScript.
WARNING: using numeric exit values in plugins is deprecated.
Plugins should use leiningen.core.main/abort instead.
Support for this will be removed before the stable 2.0.0 release.
cljsbuild failed.


semperos commented Aug 23, 2012

I've just issued a pull request that should fix your issue, @rojepp

See #121


emezeske commented Aug 23, 2012

I am consolidating a couple of issues related to this problem into Issue #122.

@emezeske emezeske closed this Aug 23, 2012

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