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Well, this Leiningen plugin started out as a little experiment, mostly just extracted from one of my closed-source projects, without a clear vision. At least, that's how I have up until now justified the fact that it does not have an automated test suite. It's clear at this point, though, that it will be worthwhile to create one. The feature set has grown a little, and people are using it in varying circumstances, and it's gotten to the point where it's fairly easy to break stuff when working on the plugin.

So, it's time to write a full test suite. Some unit tests will be helpful, but I imagine that the majority of the tests will be closer to integration tests, making sure that various configurations result in valid JavaScript output, and so forth. My main goal is to ensure that I can keep releasing the plugin frequently, with good confidence that I'm not causing regressions left and right.


It strikes me that this is a fairly important prerequisite to a "1.0" release of the plugin. The test suite will a) ensure that the supported feature set works as expected and b) hopefully ferret out any bad design decisions while it's still easy to change them.

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@emezeske emezeske Add more jar tests (Issue #70). 0889a70
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@emezeske emezeske Start adding command-line handling tests.
Issue #70.

Woohoo, I finally finished writing a fairly comprehensive unit test suite. Later on I think I'll write some integration tests, but this is a big step forward as-is.

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