A clone of vim-scripts/ManPageView, except not withdrawn
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This is manpageview, which is just a copy of https://github.com/vim-scripts/ManPageView,
except that it hasn't been "withdrawn."  Apparently the karma is low for the vim.org ManPageView
page, so the author withdrew it.  Nope, doesn't make sense to me either!

Here's the original copyright, taken from doc/manpageview.txt.html:

Author:  Charles E. Campbell, Jr.  <NdrchipO@ScampbellPfamily.AbizM>
          (remove NOSPAM from Campbell's email first)
Copyright: (c) 2004-2011 by Charles E. Campbell, Jr.
           The VIM LICENSE applies to ManPageView.vim and ManPageView.txt
           (see copyright) except use 'ManPageView' instead of 'Vim'
           no warranty, express or implied.  use at-your-own-risk.