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Prism is a set of tools for effectively writing platform-independent Clojure code.

It is far from being finished. This is very much alpha software! Use at your own risk.


Add prism to your project.clj file in the :dependencies section:

(defproject prism-example "1.2.3"
  :dependencies [[prism "0.0.1-SNAPSHOT"]])


Currently, prism only supports two platforms: the JVM, and JavaScript. The prism.core namespace provides three macros: case-platform, if-jvm, and if-javascript.

Unfortunately, there are differences in the ns macro between the JVM and JavaScript. Prism hopes to support these eventually, but right now you will need to use use an outside tool to handle them. One such tool is [lein-cljsbuild] (, which has a [crossovers] ( feature that can be used to deal with the ns macro.

The following example assumes that you are using it as part of a lein-cljsbuild crossover:

(ns example.hello
    [prism.core :as prism]))

(defn log-message [message]
    (.log js/console message)
    (println message)))

(log-message "Hello!")
; => Will use println when running on the JVM, and console.log on JavaScript.


Source Copyright © Evan Mezeske, 2012. Released under the Eclipse Public License - v 1.0. See the file COPYING.