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TiLDA v2 Firmware

Firmware on the TiLDA v2 Badge

  • To use this code you need Arduino IDE version 1.5.7 or later which can be downloaded here.

  • The easiest way to work with this repo is to set it as the sketchbook folder in the IDE's File->Preferences menu (restart the IDE after changing this setting).

  • This way you will not have any conflicts with your existing sketchbook and library folders.

  • N.B. Arduino 1.5.7 stores its preferences in a separate location to that of the Arduino 1.0.x IDE).

  • If you're using git or your own editor, you'll need to restart the IDE after touching any file that's open. To avoid this, go to File->Preferences, and tick "Use external editor"

  • The TiLDA code base is split in 3 distinct sections:

    • The custom TiLDA board definition is kept in hardware/emfcamp/sam/.
    • The custom TiLDA hardware libraries are kept in hardware/emfcamp/sam/libraries and will only be used if a TiLDA board is selected from the Tools->Board menu.
    • Third is the main firmware sketch which is kept in EMF2014/, this has the .ino, .c[pp] and .h files for each task.
    • There may also be other examples or test sketches either in their own directory or as examples in TiLDA library folders.


  • This folder contains TiLDA Mk2 board definition for use with the Arduino IDE (version -> 1.5.7).
  • To use: copy the emfcamp folder to your ~/sketchbook/hardware/ folder.
  • You can then select TiLDA Mk2 from the Tools->Board menu.
  • To use the FTDI upload port you will need to manually erase the board before uploading a new sketch (short the Erase pins for 1 second).


  • This is the main sketch for the EMF 2014 firmware.
  • It is complied using the TiLDA Mk2 board form the the Tools->Board menu.
  • void setup() and void loop() can be found in EMF2014.ino
  • There are several .c[pp] and .h files that make up the FreeRTOS tasks used by the main app.


  • This is the first fully functional test of the RGB Task.
  • Some of the buttons are set up to test the different RGB modes.


  • If you wish to work on code please fork our repo, do your work in a branch and submit a pull request for review
  • Please do not commit to master
  • For discussing changes, please point your IRC client at #tilda on Freenode


Firmware that runs on the TiLDA v2 Badge



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