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Electromagnetic Field - Network configuration

All the scripts and configuration that power the EMFCamp network.

Subnet plans and service configuration (DNS, DHCP, Icinga, etc) are all stored in a private Google Spreadsheet, the scripts in the configbuilders folder takes this data and produces local configs on the virtual machines.

Every EMF, Google breaks their API in a backwards-incompatible way, and makes the login more and more complicated. It's no longer sufficient to just login with credentials. Here's the procedure for 2018:

First create /etc/emf-gdata.conf

noc_combined=[id of the NOC combined spreadsheet]
oauth_client_id=[client id of an app]
oauth_client_secret=client secret of an app]

Then run any generator. It'll provide you a URL to visit in a web browser, login with a user who has access to the spreadsheet. After approving access, paste the token back into the generator and it'll give you another line to add to /etc/emf-gdata.conf. Paste it in and then run the generator again.


Follow us on twitter @emfnoc - http://twitter.com/emfnoc


EMF 2012:

  • Slides
  • Video - original not available, this is a later presentation at UKNOF

EMF 2014:

EMF 2016:

EMF 2018: