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What are these tools?

NuGetMirror.exe is a command line tool to mirror to disk, or any NuGet v3 feed. It supports filtering package ids and wildcards to narrow down the set of mirrored packages.

NuGet.CatalogReader is a library for reading package ids, versions, and the change history of a NuGet v3 feeds or

Getting NuGetMirror

Manually getting nugetmirror.exe (Windows and Mono)

  1. Download the latest nupkg from
  2. Extract tools/NuGetMirror.exe to a local folder and run it.

Install dotnet global tool

  1. dotnet tool install -g nugetmirror
  2. nugetmirror should now be on your PATH

Quick start

Using NuGetMirror.exe

Mirror all packages to a folder on disk.

NuGetMirror.exe nupkgs -o d:\tmp

NuGetMirror can be used to continually sync the latest packages. Runs store to the last commit time to disk, future runs will resume from this point and only get new or updated packages.

Using NuGet.CatalogReader

Discover all packages in a feed using GetFlattenedEntriesAsync. To see the complete history including edits use GetEntriesAsync.

var feed = new Uri("");

using (var catalog = new CatalogReader(feed))
    foreach (var entry in await catalog.GetFlattenedEntriesAsync())
        Console.WriteLine($"[{entry.CommitTimeStamp}] {entry.Id} {entry.Version}");
        await entry.DownloadNupkgAsync(@"d:\output");

NuGet v3 feeds that do not have a catalog can be read using FeedReader.

var feed = new Uri("");

using (var feedReader = new FeedReader(feed))
    foreach (var entry in await feedReader.GetPackagesById("NuGet.Versioning"))
        Console.WriteLine($"{entry.Id} {entry.Version}");
        await entry.DownloadNupkgAsync(@"d:\output");

CI builds

CI builds are located on the following NuGet feed:

The list of packages on this feed is here.


MIT License

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