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What are these tools?

NuGetMirror.exe is a command line tool to mirror to disk, or any NuGet v3 feed. It supports filtering package ids and wildcards to narrow down the set of mirrored packages.

NuGet.CatalogReader is a library for reading package ids, versions, and the change history of a NuGet v3 feeds or

Getting NuGetMirror

Manually getting nugetmirror.exe (Windows and Mono)

  1. Download the latest nupkg from
  2. Extract tools/NuGetMirror.exe to a local folder and run it.

Install global tool (dotnet CLI >= 2.1.300-preview2)

  1. dotnet tool install -g nugetmirror
  2. nugetmirror should now be on your PATH

Manually run nugetmirror.dll (dotnet CLI cross platform)

  1. Download the latest nupkg from
  2. Extract the nupkg to a local folder
  3. dotnet <PathToNupkg>/tools/netcoreapp2.1/any/NuGetMirror.dll

Build Status

AppVeyor Travis Visual Studio Online
AppVeyor Travis VSO

CI builds

CI builds are located on the following NuGet feed:

The list of packages on this feed is here.

Quick start

Using NuGetMirror.exe

Mirror all packages to a folder on disk.

NuGetMirror.exe nupkgs -o d:\tmp

Using NuGet.CatalogReader

Discover all packages in a feed using GetFlattenedEntriesAsync. To see the complete history including edits use GetEntriesAsync.

var feed = new Uri("");

using (var catalog = new CatalogReader(feed))
    foreach (var entry in await catalog.GetFlattenedEntriesAsync())
        Console.WriteLine($"[{entry.CommitTimeStamp}] {entry.Id} {entry.Version}");


This solution uses .NET Core, get the tools here.


MIT License