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\title{Search google trends (
using a python API.}
src_path = paste(getwd(), "/src", sep = ""),
date = c("all", "all"))
\item{keywords}{A vector of search strings, each term
will be a seperate search. Required}
\item{date}{A vector of dates coded a string in the form
YYYY-MM, with the first element being the starting date
and the second element the end date. If you want to
return the entire range leave blank. If you want from a
starting date to the last available point, leave the
second element in vector as "all", or the first as "all"
to search from the beginning until the specified end
a data frame with weekly search output and search volmue
within the specified date range
Search google trends ( using a
python API.
my_search <- rGrends("Bieber")
Edmund Hart \email{}
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