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An R interface for google trends.

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rGtrends is an interface for a python Google trends API created by Sal Uryasev. It works by downloading a temporary CSV within a python environment, parsing it, sending it to R, and parsing it a bit more into a dataframe. As of 9/27/2012 Google changed it's interface for Trends and merged it with insight. At the moment only raw search volume data can be downloaded. Once the python code is updated I will return the functionality of parsing search results by region and language.


Installation can be done one of two ways.

Method 1

The first is via devtools:

  1. Download devtools
  2. run the following snippet:

Methods 2:

  1. Download the zipped source from github
  2. Install the zip file with your preferred method, from within the R GUI, or the command line "R CMD INSTALL (unzipped directory)"
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