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Scraping the International Music Score Library Project

This repository is a collection of tools used to scrape As of May 18, 2012, IMSLP has:

  • 54,374 works
  • 193,537 scores
  • 16,140 recordings
  • 7,202 composers
  • 193 performers

Scripts Generates a list of links to every results page under There are 200 results per page, and 9,162 results in total. Generates a list of links to every person page (i.e.,_Truid). Create a directory for each person page and download it's HTML into said directory. Create score_id_to_url_map.txt, a text file mapping score IDs to URLs. Download HTML source for given score page into people directory. Download all of the PDFs for a given person/composer into the corresponding directory. Generate metadata, and move files to upload/staging directory.