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mwoffliner is a tool which allows to "dump" a Wikimedia project
(Wikipedia, Wiktionary, ...) to a local storage. It should also work
for any Mediawiki instance having parsoid installed. It goes through
all articles (or a selection if specified) of the project and write
the HTML/pictures to local files.

To use it, you need a recent version of nodejs and a POSIX system
(like GNU/Linux). You need also to install all necessary nodejs
packages with "npm install" in this directory.

You need also a redis server correctly configured and listening to
/dev/shm/redis.sock. Following console binaries are necessary to
reduce image size: jpegoptim, advdef, gifsicle, pngquant. You also
need imagemagick, in particular the 'convert' tool.

We recommend also to use a DNS cache like nscd.

One time you have done this, you should be able to start the tool with
./mwoffliner.js and see the usage() for more details.


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