Integration microservice for EMiL and Rosetta.
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EMiL - Rosetta integration service

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A microservice retrieving data from Rosetta, returning JSON or XML based on HTTP content negotiation (default: JSON).



java -jar emil-rosetta.jar

Make sure that application.yml is the same directory as emil-rosetta.jar. The service is stateles and can safely be killed.


GET http://hostname/IE12345

  "objectId": "IE12345",
  "files": [
    { "fileId": "FL12312.iso", "type": "ISO", "url": "http://rosetta-hostname/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=FL12312&dps_func=stream" },
    { "fileId": "FL12313.iso", "type": "ISO", "url": "http://rosetta-hostname/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=FL12313&dps_func=stream" },
    { "fileId": "FL12314.iso", "type": "ISO", "url": "http://rosetta-hostname/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=FL12314&dps_func=stream" }

This service also offers a freely configurable demo object (see application.yml.template). The application.yml file has to be in the same directory as the jar file.

Content Negotiation

If not ordered otherwise the service produces JSON. To get an XML representation, use Accept: application/xml header or add ".xml" at the end of the URL (experimental).


Installation of EMiL Integration Framework

Checkout and install EMiL Integration Framework to your local Maven repository:

git clone
cd emil-integration-framework
mvn clean install

Installation of Rosetta PDS-SDK

To build this application, you need to install Rosetta DPS-SDK as Maven dependency as it is not available via public Maven repositories.

For any Unix-based System you can use the following script:


To install manually, you can use (no curl? Just download the file):

curl -sS -O
mvn install:install-file -Dfile=dps-sdk-4.2.0.jar -DgroupId=com.exlibris.dps -DartifactId=dps-sdk -Dversion=4.2.0 -Dpackaging=jar

Rosetta PDS-SDK is Copyright © 2015, Ex Libris Code Share. See the libraries license for details.