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Batteries for the web
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Batteries for the web


[ez-web "0.3.0"]

Works with Clojure and ClojureScript.


Core mirrors all functions in the various namespaces for convenience.


(require '[ez-web.paginator :refer [paginate]])
;; if a collection is sent it a count of the collection will be used as length
;; otherwise send in a length, number of pages you want and a position
(= (paginate (range 101) 10 5)
   {:prev-seq (4 3 2 1), :next-seq (6 7 8 9 10 11), :pages 11, :page 5, :next 6, :prev 4}


(require '[ez-web.breadcrumbs :refer [crumb]])
;; send in a string with an opts? map
(crumb "/path/in/your/website" opts?)
;; send in a vector of vectors with [[URI part 1, name of URI 1], [URI part 2, name of URI 2]]
(crumb [["path" "The path"] ["in" "Within"] ["your" "Thy Royal Highness'"] ["website" "Kingdom"]])

;; will give back a map with the keys
;; :crumb-data - the raw data
;; :last - the last bit that is not linked (since you're already on that URL)
;; :crumbs - a vector representation of the breadcrumbs. 
;;           works both with hiccup and enlive/html hiccup 
;;           style function

;; opts?
;; :last? [true] - true/false to have the last bit show up in the crumbs or not
;; :separator [" › "] - what to put in the separators between the uris
;; :separator-attrib [{:class "separator"}] - attrib map for the separator element
;; :holder [:ul] - element to hold the breadcrumbs in
;; :elem [:li] - element to hold each individual breadcrumb/separator in
;; :href-attrib - send in a map to add extra elements. will always have a calculated :href key
;; :base-uri - attach a base uri to the beginning of every breadcrumb


(require '[ez-web.sidemenu :refer [sidemenu]])

;; usage
(sidemenu uri children opts)

;; opts
;; keys and default options
;; base key is used for detemining which page you're currently on. only useful
;; if you're planning on having a link on the page to itself even though you're
;; at the root level

(let [{:keys [holder holder-attrib elem elem-attrib href-attrib base]
       :or {holder :ul holder-attrib {:class "sidemenu"}
            elem :li elem-attrib {} href-attrib {}
            base "/"} opts]

;; example
(sidemenu "/foo/bar"
          [["/" "Home"]
           ["/foo" "Foo" 
             ["/foo/bar" "Bar"]]
           ["/baz" "Baz"]])


<ul class="sidemenu">
   <a href="/">Home</a>
 <li class="active">
   <a href="/foo">Foo</a>
   <ul class="sub">
      <li class="active">
         <a href="/foo/bar">Bar</a>
   <a href="/baz">Baz</a>


(require '[ez-web.uri :refer [join-uri uri-last-part uri-but-last-part])

(= (join-uri "path" "to" "your" "website")

(= (uri-last-part "/path/to/your/website")
(= (uri-but-last-part "/path/to/your/website")


Copyright © 2014-2015 Emil Bengtsson

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

Coram Deo

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