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Multi-Tasking framework for the Android OS
Java C++
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CURRENTLY NOT WORKING! What's contained is an initial update for JellyBean, it builds, but doesn't function.

Most changes should be marked with a comment containing 'Onskreen'. Effort would still need to be done to go back through my commits and make sure to mark absolutely everything.

These files should be merged with the up-to-date versions in the android system.

To install, run

./ <path to android/system>

I am not going to continue work on this project. It seems that there was next to no interest in moving forward with it, and I simply do not have time to pour into this project. Further, there seem to be some good reasons to stay away from a system like this, namely that Cornerstone introduces non-standard screen sizes that apps must fit into, and would make certain measurements difficult to make. At this point, the Chameleon Launcher seems to be in a better position to deal with multi-tasking in Android, even if it is in a limited fashion.

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