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Bugs, changes and news (see also
- version 0.3 : many improvements:
- runs on PC as well as RPi;
- Psybox is now accessed through ssh;
- Arduino Mega isn't used anymore: one CPU, one screen and less wiring;
- the public domain symbols and images collection is growing;
- several bugs suppressed in psyboxctl:
- better session-control;
- can run several games at the same time on several displays;
- no need to create entries manually in Unidatab;
- handles video-control more smoothly;
- version 0.2 :
- problems have been solved on RPi3
- beginning plans for 3d printing
- version 0.2 :
- does not run anymore on RPi2 but maybe on RPi3 (not tested)
- too heavy perl6 code
- first upload;
-psyboxctl (which has to be run as root) takes around 40 seconds to launch,
this is results from the perl6 compilation process which is heavy in time and size.
The same program will take 3.7 seconds to start on a RPi3.
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