Repo for my talk at JSConf AU 2016: "HyperJournal - A tamper-proof publishing system"
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JSConf AU 2016: HyperJournal - A tamper-proof publishing system


  • SHA-1: I'm not sure I made it clear, but SHA-1 is not suitable as a hash function for new projects. It's might be necessary to use for existing system, eg. when working with git, but should be avoided for newer systems. SHA-1 SSL certificates are no longer valid as of 2017. Even though collisions cost upwards of $120K of computing power as of end 2015, there are better, faster crypto functions available, like SHA-256 and BLAKE2.


Are located in the examples folder. Anything prefixed with simple-* is from the slides, while other files are more like what a real world implementation would be like. This is still toy models though.