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Excel VBA Productivity Libraries


Excel VBA PL is a repo containing VBA files for Excel, aiming at enhancing your productivity while developing your Excel files by filling some gaps of Excel.

It proposes:

  • A class to interact with Word
  • Functions to work with files
  • Functions to work with folders
  • Functions to work with regular expressions
  • And other functions that aims at enhancing current functions of Excel or creating new one

General Philosophy

You will want to use Excel VBA PL if you want to respect the philosophy of Excel. Meaning that you want to use Excel functions within a document that will be easily understandable by anyone opening your workbook.

You will however be disapointed if you are one of those Excel developers which develop Excel applications.

When working with Excel, I realised that it is more powerful, productive and efficient to touch as less as possible the VBA codes. This is way I preconise to create Excel functions or create classes that allow a neat OO way of programming.

How to install a file?

In order to work with a library in your Excel workbook, simply drag-and-drop your selected .bas file within the Visual Basic Editor of Excel.


The documentation is in construction, not all the files are documented here

  • LIB_File: Library to handle file writing and reading
  • LIB_Range: Library to provide additional manipulations on Ranges
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