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Graphs in ML Project: Gaussian Process Optimization in the Bandit Setting


The report is the file Rapport/report.pdf. It has been written in Latex and sources are in the folder Rapport.


Temperature data are in the file data/temperature/1h_1month.csv.

Trafic data are in the file data/traffic/san_diego_sb5_filtered_6-11am.csv.

Trafic data has been gathered by scheduling as a cronjob the python script data/traffic/


All project is written in Matlab/Octave (it has not been tested with Octave, but it should be compatible).

To run experiments on synthetic data, run the script main_synthetic.m

For experiments on temperature data, run the script main_temperature.m

Finally, for experiments on trafic data, run the script main_trafic.m