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A front-end for every package manager

sysget is a bridge that lets you use one syntax to every package manager on every unix-based operating system.
You probably all know the problem when you are on a new distro and don't know anything about the package manager. With sysget you just need to remember one syntax for every package manager.
The syntax is mostly same with apt-get so it should be easy to use.

Supported package managers:

  • apt-get
  • xbps
  • dnf
  • yum
  • zypper
  • eopkg
  • pacman
  • emerge
  • pkg
  • chromebrew
  • homebrew
  • nix
  • snap
  • npm
  • flatpak (See notice)


  • search for packages
  • install packages
  • remove packages
  • remove orphans
  • clear package manager cache
  • update database
  • upgrade system
  • upgrade single package

How to install

make && sudo make install
No dependencies needed


To search for a package

sysget search <search query>

To install a package

sysget install <package name>

To remove a package

sysget remove <package name>

To update the database

sysget update

To upgrade the system

sysget upgrade

To upgrade a specific package

sysget upgrade <package name>

To remove orphans

sysget autoremove

To clean the cache of the package manager

sysget clean

Environment Variables

Environment Variable Function
SYSGET_CONFIG_PATH Ability to change the path of the sysget config file

Flatpak notice

Flatpak works different than other package managers.
If you want to install a package you need to provide the remote name or the URL of a .flatpakref
For Example:

sysget install flathub org.gimp.GIMP


sysget install https://flathub.org/repo/appstream/org.gimp.GIMP.flatpakref

to install GIMP