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Releases: emilianavt/VSeeFaceReleases

VSeeFace v1.13.38b

22 Oct 16:36
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Version 1.13.38b2:

  • Changed virtual camera driver for better compatibility.

Version 1.13.38b:

  • Improved reliability of the crash fix by detecting Windows 11 in multiple ways.

VSeeFace v1.13.38a

20 Oct 10:41
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Version 1.13.38a:

  • Disabled priority adjustment on Windows 11/NVIDIA combinations to prevent crashes. Make sure to use the latest NVIDIA driver for best performance.
  • Fixed an issue where props could disappear when being attached.
  • Updated the Leap Motion LeapC.dll for better compatibility with the V5.7.2 Ultraleap software.
  • Added a VSF_SpoutReceiverSettings component to the VSeeFace SDK, which allows converting from sRGB to Linear colorspace correctly.
  • Disabled gamepad input (hopefully) to prevent glitching menus.
  • Updated Magica Cloth to v1.12.10.
  • Updated Dynamic Bones to v1.3.2.
  • Actually disabled GPU priority adjustment on Linux/wine.
  • Added redistributable DLLs necessary for Spout2 support.
  • Updated translations.

VSeeFace v1.13.38

28 Feb 10:56
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Version 1.13.38:

  • Added support for loading models from VRoid Hub
  • Added experimental support for sending VRChat OSC parameters
  • Added an option to send VMC protocol data before receiving VMC protocol data rather than at the end of the frame (may not send blendshapes)
  • Added new and updated translations
  • Updated UniVRM to v0.89.0
  • Disabled GPU priority setting when running under Linux/wine
  • Disabled realtime priority when disabling increased background priority
  • Fixed an issue where the "[OpenSeeFace tracking]" option would behave like toaster tracking quality if that tracking quality was previously selected
  • Fixed an issue where iPhone tracking could behave like toaster tracking quality if that quality level was selected for the web cam tracking (this setup can still lead to missing options, so it is not recommended)
  • Fixed an issue where the jaw would not be animated on models without assigned eye bones even when the jaw bone animation option was enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the option to show higher webcam frame rates did not actually work
  • Updated the VSeeFace SDK to v1.13.38
  • Updated Magica Cloth to v1.12.3
  • Added UnityEngine.ConstantForce to VSF SDK whitelist
  • Added setter methods to VSF_Set* components to allow them to be manipulated not only by animations but also through components like Button and VSF_Trigger
  • Added source transform mode and late update setting to VSF_SetTransform (this may allow emulation of constraints working in local space)

VSeeFace v1.13.37c

27 Jan 21:37
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Version 1.13.37c:

  • Added a workaround to keep VSeeFace from lagging due to becoming resource starved while in the background with a game running (requires running as administrator to work)
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed VSF_Toggle not correctly toggling objects other than the object it was added to

VSeeFace v1.13.37b

11 Jan 00:02
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Version 1.13.37b:

  • Added prop settings window
  • Added Spout2 capture support which never shows menus and has lower overhead than the virtual camera, see:
  • Whitelisted Spout4Unity's SpoutSender and SpoutReceiver for use in the VSF SDK
  • Adjusted default body stiffness upwards from 25 to 120
  • Fixed the very bold page numbers on the tutorial slides

VSeeFace v1.13.37a

28 Nov 22:29
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Version 1.13.37a:

  • Fixed issues where attaching props to certain avatars didn't work
  • Fixed the halftone effect
  • Removed "Really nice" anti-aliasing option as it conflicted with the props feature (if you really need it, you can enable it by adding ForceSSAA=1 to the settings.ini, but you won't be able to remove props from your model)
  • Fixed VSF_SetShaderParamFromTransform not being included in the whitelist

VSeeFace v1.13.37

20 Nov 19:18
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Version 1.13.37:

  • Added the new 2D props system developed by @Deatrathias
  • Fixed the light intensity slider
  • Fixed short bursts of lag shortly after starting VSeeFace when no compatible Leap Motion software is installed

VSeeFace v1.13.36p

07 Nov 14:30
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Version 1.13.36p:

  • Added blendshape translation for the iFacialMocap/FaceMotion3D/VTube Studio receiver that allows its use with models without perfect sync blendshapes
  • Added better IPv6 compatibility for ARKit tracking
  • Improved networking code
  • Added VSF_SetShaderParamFromTransform component to the SDK (thanks Panthavma)
  • Fixed DokoDemoPainter support in the VSeeFace SDK
  • Updated the VSeeFace SDK readme to mention that DokoDemoPainter needs to be moved out of the Plugins folder to work correctly
  • Updated the model loading error message to show the correct Unity version
  • Fixed an issue where the face tracking would turn on and off repeatedly when starting VSeeFace
  • Fixed an issue where the VMC protocol receiver would fail to properly receive data upon restarting it or VSeeFace
  • Fixed an issue where blendshapes received over VMC protocol would not trigger VSF SDK animations
  • Added OnParticleCollision and OnParticleTrigger to VSF_Trigger

VSeeFace v1.13.36o

27 Oct 12:13
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Version 1.13.36o:

  • Added support for the new Leap Motion Gemini V5 software
  • Added an option to enable backwards compatibility with the Leap Motion V4 Orion software to the advanced settings
  • Fixed the Leap Motion model not disappearing when closing the settings window with the escape key
  • Fixed two windows sometimes being closed when using the escape key
  • Added a note that iFacialMocap/FaceMocap3D/VTube Studio tracking requires ARKit blendshapes
  • Added a Korean translation contributed by Pencunia
  • Prevented the frame rate cap speeding detection from spamming the Player.log file

VSeeFace v1.13.36n

12 Oct 22:06
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Version 1.13.36n:

  • Added VTube Studio iPhone app integration (thanks to DenchiSoft!)
  • Fixed an issue with gaze direction being mirrored when using iFacialMocap with non-mirrored motion
  • Fixed the "Gaze strength" slider not affecting blendshape based eyes
  • Made the gaze strength setting for iFacialMocap separate from the regular gaze strength setting.
  • Fixed camera mouth tracking being applied on top of iFacialMocap tracking
  • Improved network reception code
  • Updated to Unity 2019.4.31f1 (applies to the SDK as well)
  • Updated Magica Cloth to v1.11.1 (might require re-exporting VSFAvatar files using it)
  • Renamed "[Network tracking]" to "[OpenSeeFace tracking]"
  • Renamed "iFacialMocap smoothing" to "iPhone blendshape smoothing"
  • Renamed "Smoothing" on the main screen to "Movement smoothing"