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A Clojure plugin for OpenBeans and NetBeans, revived yet again in 2020
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Clojure plugin for current day OpenBeans 2019.12 and NetBeans 11.2.

Clojure completion

Clojure REPL

This plugin was dormant for years and while many things have been fixed to make it work on the most recent OpenBeans version, bugs might still exist. Please report any issues you might find here on GitHub or via Twitter to Emilian Bold.


This project is a fork of Jan Konieczny's project which was a fork of Tim Boudreau's which was a fork of Eric Thorsen's original Enclojure project.


Compiles with OpenBeans 2019.12 / NetBeans 11.2 and Java 11.

Requires a rather up-to-date Maven. Maven 3.6.3 is known to work.


There are other issues - the naive approach to integrating a scripting language into an IDE is to load up user code inside the IDE's VM. In practice this has disasterous consequences - user code gets to wreak havoc with the IDE. This plugin does exactly that, so caveat emptor.

There is some code that assumes other Clojure code that initializes the REPL window will have run before a project or the editor is opened; in practice windows are lazy-loaded, so having it open is a good idea.

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