Non SQL Database and Object ORM over SQLite3
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Non SQL Database over SQLite3

Getting Started

$ pip install nonsqlite

This package install nonsqlite and Object modules

Object Module

Micro ORM Framework

Create a new Object collection

from nonsqlite.Object import Object

class Person(Object):
  def __init__(self): = ''
    self.age  = 0

Specify the database to save the collection

Person._db_name = 'db.db'

If the _db_name is omitted, Object use the default database: Object.db in the current directory

Save a new Object in collection

a = Person() = 'Piter'
a.age  = 21

Load the object from a json

a = Person.loads(json)

Query Objects in collection

  • Get one object
a = Person.get({'name': 'Piter'})
  • Get list of coincidences: filter({}, limit=, sort=), filterAND([{}]), filterOR([{}])
a = Person.filter({'name': 'Piter'}, sort='-age') # Order by age desc
for i in a:
a = Person.filterAND([{'name': 'Piter'}, {'age': 21}])
for i in a:
  • Wildcard $
a = Person.filter({'$': 'Piter'})

Delete an Object in collection

a = Person.get({'name': 'Piter'})

Drop all Objects in collection


Count Objects with Occurrences

n = Person.count({'name': 'Piter'})

Count all Objects in Collection

n = Person.len()