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#redditgifts map An open-source project created by Emilie Menard Barnard (emiliebarnard on GitHub).
Not affiliated with nor endorsed by reddit or redditgifts.

This web application uses Google's Map API to generate a visual representation of all giftees of a redditgifts user. Each giftee's location is marked on the map by a redditgifts snoo pin, dictated by the exchange. Users have the option to enter additional information, such as the username for each giftee, whether the giftee was a rematch or not, and a home location.

Once the user drops all desired pins, they can then generate two links. The share link is specifically used for sharing with other people. It loads a simpler version of the redditgifts map that has no editting functionality. The private link is intended to be saved by the user so that they can easily revisit the redditgifts map application via this link and add new pins or edit existing pins.

Questions? Comments? Bugs? Feel free to contact me.

2017 update: Redditgifts has changed its privacy settings regarding locations. I am attempting to find a happy medium to create an interactive map without sharing too much location information. Until that happens, the general website will not be updated with new exchange information.

2020 update: While this project is no longer a priority, I hope to revisit it again in the future.

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