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Lyricfier Screenshot

Lyricfier is an electron app that communicates with Spotify Desktop Client to get the current song and then looks for a matching lyric scraping the web.

Download pre-release

Go to Lyricfier releases page and download the zip file for your platform.

Development setup

# clone the repo
git clone

# change dir
cd lyricfier

# take some coffee and download all the internet with yarn
yarn install

Run dev

yarn start

How it works

We retrieve the current song of spotify client using the spotify built-in web server that allow us to ask for the current status of the player. The built-in web server could run in a range of ports starting at 4370. Lyricfier will launch multiple connections hoping find the actual port. You can read a more detailed explanation here: Deconstructing Spotify's built-in HTTP server

Scraping plugins

You can easily write a new scraping plugin. Just look at the folder render/plugins for some inspiration.


Original Idea: @fedeisas

Bug fixes and lot of improvements @mrkmndz

UI/Design: @silvestreh

License CC0 (Public Domain)