Script I made to clean my Downloads folder, for now includes a Transmission module, that is capable of nothing more than listing and removing torrents.
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The script finds all files in your Download folder > 500 M and moves them to another folder. Since these more than often are active transfers in Transmission ( I've made the script connect to Transmission's API to remove them, as long as they're not unfinished or partially transferred (i.e. have unchecked files). In the latter case the files are kept in the Downloads folder.


clean-downloads.js - moves files to ~/totransfer transfers the files to another volume, in my case mounts a second harddrive.

I have these cron scheduled.


  • Emil Stenqvist @emilisto


  • Clean up code
  • Make more general - specify paths as command line parameters
  • Move the Transmission library to a separate project and develop it