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Keep track of your expenses - import, categorize and summarize easily.

Written as a single-page HTML5 web app with a node.js backend. Uses mongodb for storage, Twitter Bootstrap and LESS for styling, backbone.js for MVC in the client. Communication is done through All very trendy. Very trendy indeed.

Screenshot of Utgift

I created this to get to play with all the tools, but it might turn into something actually useful.


Edit public/js/config.js and enter your hostname of choice, then start it by issuing node app.js and then connect to it.

  • TODO: make the configuration more straight forward and allow one to specify the listening port explicitly.

The backend just expects a mongo server to be running and accessible from localhost.

What's coming

  • I want to make the Add batch feature smarter and let the user instruct the program how to interpret the different fields.

  • Some machine learning algorithm should be applied to automatically categorize expenses.

  • Use some graphing JS library to show stats of ones expenses for each category. This is partly implemented in the AggregatedView/AggregatedCollection.


  • Emil Stenqvist, @emilisto


  • Clean up the search / filter mechanisms; unify them. Right now the IndexedCollection was an approach I came up with after struggling with bad performance. The search was then added afterwards and is implemented more in the view. I want to implement search as well as filtering in the FilteredCollection.
  • Go from categories to tags - that can be assigned in multiples to one expense
  • Make server push changes to all clients in realtime. Thanks to the architecture this is a very minor addition.
  • Provide a RESTful interface in the backend, and instead make communicate with this for the real-time updates. This way more apps can be created to communicate with Utgift. E.g. a mobile app.