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Attack SSHD
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An sshd that logs passwords and pubkey auth attempts. It can also bruteforce attackers with their own passwords.


atsshd listens for incoming SSH connections and logs the username, password, and/or pubkey fingerprint. It has an attack mode option where it will try the username/password combo against the attacker IP in realtime, as the credentials come in. All incoming authentication attempts will always fail. The sshd will not attack in order to avoid loops.

$ ./atsshd --help
Usage of ./atsshd:
  -A	enable attack mode
  -b banner
    	SSH server banner (default "SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_6.1p2")
  -h file
    	SSH server host key PEM files
  -l file
    	output log file
  -p port
    	port to listen on (default 22)

In attack mode, the attacker will get attacked serially. If 3 network failures happen in a row, we give up on attacking and just log the incoming passwords.


This tool is for demonstration purposes only

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