Set of tex macros to make your documents more disco.
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\begin{Donna Summer}


Set of tex macros to make your documents more disco.


This package provides a \switch command.

Syntax :


If what is case1, it will expand to then1, etc.


This package provides a \gramdef command to typeset definitions.

Stuff like :

    {[]}{Empty list}
    {x::l'}{Cons cell}

will get typeset as

Lists       l ::= []            Empty list
               |  x::l'         Cons cell

You can put several \gramdef{}s in a align* environment : they will get aligned.

\gramster has an optional parameter to define the length of the box around that defines the size of the left labels. It defaults to \gramsterlabelwidth which can be globally overridden and is 0.2\textwidth by default.

There is also a "short" version that typesets in two columns, \gramdefshort.


Pelagic cod

Unicode is cool, but pelagic cods are better.

This module defines a few unicode characters so that you can directly input unicode (encoded as utf8) in your tex file and it's typeset with the correct characters (there are a ton of ways to do that). Pull requests welcome to add new characters.

Q & A

  • Q: Why the name?

  • A: I like disco and tex.

  • Q: Where can I report a bug?

  • A: On github, dude.

  • Q: Can I use this?

  • A: This is tex code, nobody cares. But for legal reasons, consider that this is copyright 2013 Etienne Millon and can be distributed under the revised BSD license.

  • Q: Shouldn't you be writing your thesis instead of coding this?

  • A: Probably.

\end{Donna Summer}