Coloring B&W portraits with neural networks.
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Coloring B&W portraits with neural networks.

Run on FH

This is the code for my article "Coloring B&W portraits with neural networks"

Earlier this year, Amir Avni used neural networks to troll the subreddit /r/Colorization - a community where people colorize historical black and white images manually using Photoshop. They were astonished with Amir’s deep learning bot - what could take up to a month of manual labour could now be done in just a few seconds.

I was fascinated by Amir’s neural network, so I reproduced it and documented the process. Read the article to understand the context of the code.

Fusion Layer

Run the code on FloydHub

Run on FloydHub

Click this button to open a Workspace on FloydHub where you will find the same environment and dataset used for the Full version. You can also find the trained models for Serving.

Thanks to IBM for donating computing power through their PowerAI platform